Compétition belge


An Van Dienderen – Filmmaker (Belgium)
An van Dienderen is a filmmaker, a graduate in audiovisual arts (Sint-Lukas, Brussels), she obtained a PhD in Comparative Cultural Sciences (Ghent University), and was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. She has made several documentaries screened worldwide, awarded with international prizes. Films include ‘Visitors of the Night’ (’98), ‘Tu ne verras pas Verapaz’ (’02). She regularly publishes on visual/ performative anthropology and is a coach for the artistic workspace SoundImageCulture. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Royal Academy of Art, University College Ghent, where she is developing a multimedia project ‘Scattering of the fragile cherry blossoms’ in which she investigates notions of translation, exoticism, resistance and decay in Japanese subculture.


Kate Taylor – Independent Cinema Office (United Kingdom)
By day Kate Taylor is exhibition and distribution officer for the Independent Cinema Office, where she programmes for several arthouse cinemas and works on theatrical distribution. The ICO is the national organisation for the development and support of independent film exhibition in the UK. By night she is found at film events and festivals, conducting Q&A sessions and engaging in independent programming under the guise of She Shark Industries, including screenings and panels for the recent Scalarama season. Kate was formerly festival director of the London Short Film Festival and Abandon Normal Devices, and her freelance activities have included co-curating Project : New Cinephilia, a partnership with MUBI and the Edinburgh International Film Festival, to spark and record conversation on how we watch films today.


Zhang Yaxuan – CIFA (China)
Film critic and film curator, the director of CIFA China Independent Film Archive. She has been focusing and following the development of Chinese independent film since 2000. She writes for magazines as a columnist and has contributed to several publications. Besides organizing film festivals or making programs both in China and internationally, she has also participated in the production of several independent films. She co-organized the first independent film festival in Beijing in 2011, which has since toured in other cities afterwards ; She created the China Independent Film Festival Nan Jing in 2003 ; and since 2005 she has been working on the selection of YUNFEST. In 2008 she co-founded CIFA. As a non-profit independent organization, CIFA devotes itself on the presentation and preservation of Chinese independent film in different ways ; for enriching the local film culture, it also initiates the international film exchange projects.


Peter Krüger – Inti films (Belgium)
Peter Krüger is working as an independent writer/director and producer. As a writer/director he has been making documentaires, fiction and music-theatre productions. In his work he often investigates the borders between fiction and documentary. His last film ‘Antwerp Central’ won the Grand Prize at 29th International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal. Simultaneaosly Peter has been working as a producer within Inti Films vzw and Inti Productions. As a producer he has set up different internationally acclaimed co-productions, directed by Peter Brosens, a.o. He has also been working as a tutor and as a script consultant for feature films. Since 2003 Peter has been a member of the General Assembly and the Advisory Body of the Flemish Filmfund.


Veton Nurkollari – Dokufest (Kosovo)
Veton Nurkollari is Artistic Director of DokuFest, Kosovo’s largest documentary and short film festival, which he co-founded in 2002. He is also one of the curators of Doku- Photo, an annual showcase of documentary photography that runs alongside film festival. Veton is a member of the advisory board of the Balkan Documentary Center and is also a member of the selection committee of Cinema Eye Honors, an organization that recognizes and honors exemplary craft in nonfiction filmmaking. Veton is a member of European Cultural Parliament and European Film Academy and is also one of the first supporters and among its founding board members of The Albanian Cinema Project that fights to save the rich cinema heritage of Albania from destruction. Currently Veton is involved in the promotion of documentary cinema in rural areas of Kosovo through a ‘Cinema at Your Door’ project.

Compétition internationale


Pauline David – Le P’tit Ciné (Belgium)
Pauline David is the head of programming of Le P’tit Ciné, an organisation that encourages the diffusion of documentary film in theatres established in 2009. A graduate both in history and cinema and passionate about the transmission and education of visual art, Pauline also works in the field of audiovisual training as the head of programming at EP2C (European Post Production Connection). She teaches at l’université Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle) and was formally the coordinator of Media Formation. She also writes articles for art history journals, she follows the Eurodoc training and regularly participates with pleasure as a member of various committees and lecture panels.


Sarah Pialeprat – CFA (Belgium)
Sarah Pialeprat has been the director, since 2010, of the Centre du Film sur l’Art in Brussels, an association that is focused exclusively on documentary art. Her liberal arts studies in Paris inevitably led her to writing and journalism. Since 2005, her articles are regular features in a number of journals and revues.


Federico Rossin – NodoDocFest (Italy)
Independent film critic/film historian and curator, his research work is mainly devoted to non-fiction cinema, experimental film and animation. As a curator he works for festivals and cinematheques in Europe (Etats généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas, 2009-2013 ; Cinéma du Réel, 2011-2013 ; DocLisboa 2012-2013 ; Filmmaker of Milan, 2007-2010, IVAC in Cyprus, etc ; Filmmuseum in Vienna, Cineteca di Bologna, etc). He has been the artistic co-director of the NodoDocFest of Trieste since 2008. As an author, he has published many essays in books and magazines ; as an editor, he has published two books (American Collage. Il cinema di Emile de Antonio and Grzegorz Królikiewicz. Un maestro del cinema polacco).


Lars Meyer – DOK Leipzig (Germany)
Lars Meyer, born in 1974 in Bremen, studied German Literature and Journalism in Berlin and Leipzig and attended the script writing academy at the film school Munich. Since 2001 he has initially worked as a programmer for a cinema in Leipzig and finally as a freelance radio journalist and film critic. He also constantly works for film festivals such as DOK Leipzig (International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film) and Filmfest Dresden (short film festival). Since 2011 he has been a member of the selection committee of DOK Leipzig. He lives in Berlin.


Vincent Pinckaers (Belgium)
Vincent Pinckaers was born in Brussels in 1975. After his studies at INSAS, he worked as the director of photography, both artistic and documentary photography (Claudio Pazienza, Alain Fleischer, Daniel Dobbels, Alexis Destoop, Sanaz Azari, Emmanuel Marre, Joachim Olender, etc.). His focused knowledge of new visual technologies has led him to become an artist who enjoys exploring all types of disciplines that involve the fabrication of images, including installations of visual art and videos of various live performances (Michèle Noiret, Kris Verdonk, Kate McIntosh, Elvire Brison, etc.). He has also produced a number of personal films including Lum, Face à ce qui se dérobe and Isola, both of which were selected as part of the Festival Premiers Plans in Angers.