Vers Madrid Puerta del sol

FLAGEY  5 nov  14:00

Atelier Scam

Scam is a partner of Filmer à tout prix and presents a workshop reflecting on questions regarding the practice of documentary filmmaking.
The objective of Atelier Scam is to encourage filmmakers and documentarists to reflect on the work they do. In the presence of authors and through the screening and critcism of extracts of their work, this is a place where practitioners come together as well as a place where filmma- kers can question the role of documentary cinema as both a cultural and social tool. This year, the theme is poetry and politics. The authors of Scam will demonstrate how images, sound, light and words can all help to create a message that is politically charged. Cinema that touches, that creates new significance and liberates language is a cinema that defies time. Some films are created to push the boundaries of historical activist cinema, while others find their audience inside a museum as often as in the festivals of documentary film. Yet others create and circulate their films within the classic modes of film distribution, production and creation.

As part of the workshop, filmmakers, poets and philosophers will present extracts of their films as a means of examining how contemporary aesthetics can be used to ask political questions and how creation can be an act of resistance. They will invoke films that resist indifference and helplessness.

Paola Stevenne and Alok Nandi will lead the workshop with the presence of Sylvain George, Laurent Van Lancker, André Dartevelle and Guillermo Kozlowski.

A workshop organized by the authors of the Belgian committee of la Scam : Alok Nandi, André Dartevelle, Ma- rie-France Collard, Jean-Luc Outers, Paola Stevenne, Do- minique Loreau, and in collaboration with Françoise Wolff.

Screening 20:00 : Vers Madrid, Sylvain George

The Scam rendez-vous at the festival Filmer à tout prix 2013