Valérie Cordy

FLAGEY  9 nov   16:30

An asteroid is a fragment of rock detached from a larger rock formation. Our asteroid is a piece of the Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, where it was born in March 2010. It has manifested itself more than 20 times, reflecting and questioning our use of classic media, digital media and social networks. This time, the Asteroid traces back in time the first steps of the French security agency device for controlling and “putting away from harm” an “anarcho-autonomous” mouvement which gave birth to the creation of “Tarnac” : a group of individuals and militants living outside cities, who planned to undermine the French high speed railway network. Tarnac, these accused, were served up to the media one morning in November 2008, when their intentions was revealed by the Ministry of the Interior. The construction of this media attention was so elaborate that it became an event, independent of guilt or the innocence of the accused, who are still waiting to knows their fate five years later.