FLAGEY   9 nov   16:30

Named in honour of Boris Barnet’s film Okraïna (which could have been called ‘L’amour existe’ in memory of Maurice Pialat’s short film), a young Brussels micro label is re-publishing a series of 25 cm (10 inches) vinyl records, which have rarely been broadcasted (radio sessions, unpubli- shed concerts, limited editions CDs. etc.) The carte blanche blends together a concert and a series of films, making the music part of the sounds we hear on the street or in the world around us…
Inspired by the brick-throwing mouse of the Krazy Kats comics (1913-1944), musician Bram Devens plugs the old Mississippi bluesmen music into the electro world of the urban Velvet Underground or as Sing Sing, singer-guitarist of Arlt : The blues cannabalised by Ignatz is the story of witchcraft scribbled down behind the walls, a treatise of spiritualism to be read with a welder’s goggles.

Since 2006, Vincent Moon and a group of film producers and friends, have taken musicians down from their stage platforms to capture the sounds and images of the way their music clashes with the random events of everyday life (children playing, passing trains, etc.). We offer a selection from amongst many hundreds of films collected by www.blogotheque.net around artists linked to Okraïna (Éloïse Decazes and Éric Chenaux, Ed Askew) and particularly magical sessions of Yo Lo Tengo, Tenniscoats, etc.