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Festival Cinema Documentaire
05 > 15 november
The festival Filmer à tout prix provides a special moment to debate, discuss and review the cinema of today whose very creativity calls our world into question. This essential rendez-vous of documentary cinema in Belgium selects a series of films which highlight the multiplicity of cinematic expression. Vital and unvarnished, the Belgian and foreign films screened at this event tackle today’s realities via a variety of imaginative and innovative styles and signatures.


Filmer à tout prix, or the art of catching these fleeting moments which provoke questioning, as well as interlacing lived experiences which nothing, if not everything, would otherwise tie together. Nothing if not everything? This emptiness created by the distance of conditions or territories which never rub shoulders. This everything that reminds us that while we share with cats, trees, and aphids the breath of life, nothing brings us closer together than another human. In the immense diversity of life, our differences rest on the edges. In this framework, its rhythm and its choices, the Filmer à tout prix festival introduces this sole ambition, simple in appearance but essential and, in the end, it is so rare for our vision and perspective to intersect. While groupspeak is multiplying and certain environments are divided by algorithmic groups of common interests, who among us still knows what happens on the other side of the canal, of the Mediterranean,uniformity or of thought? In this pre-eminent meeting place for filmmakers, organizers, and the audience, the Filmer à tout prix festival supports, with force and conviction, the filmmakers who, by their propositions of personal points of view and occasionally tormented, always unique views on the world, demonstrate their interest for the other territory, the other human or sometimes himself, who to us is the other. And we, the public, demonstrate this euphoria of the encounter by our presence in the auditorium. Vehicles of voices, the filmmakers and their films allow us to see otherwise, and to see further. Beyond the films, the encounters are made between humans-at-the-camera or not, because between moments of obscurity, it’s without a doubt the most important principle: to meet one another. The cinema, as connections, brings, and attempts to understand the others and the world. This year, we propose powerful, anguished films, films that speak to the intellect and to the heart and soul. Films that are political, human, rigorous and demanding. Films that are fragile, but indispensable. Films that are interrogative without carrying the pretension of knowing the answers. Films that are current, in speaking about our era, about us, and about what we deem essential. These discoveries and encounters are yours from now on. It is an honor and a pleasure to share them in your company.  

L’équipe de / het team van / the team of Filmer à tout prix

Offering another perspective of our reality

Rooted for many years in the panorama of key cinematic events of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Filmer à tout prix Festival has been able to remain, over the course of time, a showcase of diverse evolutions in documentary filmmaking.
Rigorous in its programming, the Filmer à tout prix Festival gathers, every two years, directors and audiences around emerging content (be it social, political, geographical, ethnic…) and concepts supporting the singular points of view of our authors and of their peers internationally.
An opportune moment for meetings and exchanges about documentary creation, the festival also wishes, over the course of a week, to offer a prominent place to the younger generation of Belgian documentary filmmakers whose works allow us to discover the realities of our world through new eyes and new writing.
The festival is, finally, for professionals, an occasion to take a break and to look at the path traveled over the course of these past two years. The assessment drawn up by my department and which will be presented during this 16th edition will allow us to take stock of our general politics in favor of the documentary and to envision, together, the best way to do even better in uniting our francophone Belgian creations and audiences.
I congratulate the team of Filmer à tout prix for the passion put into preparing this 2015 edition, and to all, I wish you beautiful discoveries.

Vice-présidente de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Ministre de l’Education, de la Culture et de l’Enfance
Vicepresident van de Federatie Wallonië-Brussel Minister van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Kinderopvang
Vice-president of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Minister of Education, of Culture, and of Childcare

Radio Filmer à Tout Prix

Réécoutez les émissions de la Radio à tout prix avec des points sur la programmation, les compétitions belges et internationales, les workshops. Sans oublier des rencontres avec les réalisateurs et un petit détour par la radio pour parler du documentaire.

Pour découvrir l’intégralité des émissions : radiopanik.org